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Who are Kontrol Coffee?

Kontrol Coffee is the brand rewriting the rules of in-game energy.

We are the UK’s first gaming-focused ready-to-drink iced coffee can on the market. For too long powdered energy drinks have ruled, taking up precious gaming time in their preparation.

Our grab-and-go Kontrol cans are the largest available in the RTD coffee game. Our mission is to pause gamers’ thirst, not their session.

We have four incredible flavours - Original Latte, Mocha, Caramel, and Mirage Vanilla Latte.

Each incredible flavour is designed to help gamers eliminate fatigue and level up their senses. One sip, zero lag. Flavours so good they feel like cheat codes!

We’re here to disrupt the gaming energy market with caffeine in its most natural and delicious form. No more synthetic caffeine, no artificial boosts. Just pure caffeine glory in every Kontrol can!

Our energy shrines are optimised for the grind, providing gamers with a natural energy supply that lasts as long as their session.

By being part of our Kommunity you will enjoy access to exclusive content, hear about our latest gaming partnerships and be chances to win big!

Why sip just any coffee when you can sip one that’s Ubisoft-approved? We have partnered with Ubisoft following the release of their new title, Assassin’s Creed ® Mirage. This powerful alliance will create the ultimate collectible as each Mirage Vanilla Latte coffee can will feature original artwork from the game.

We are not just fuelling gamers, we are shaping legends of the future. More powerful alliances with gaming giants will be dropping soon so watch this space!