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Fuel Your Game with Kontrol Coffee: The Ultimate Power-Up for Gamers

Posted by Naomi Roots on
Fuel Your Game with Kontrol Coffee: The Ultimate Power-Up for Gamers

London | September 2023 — Spawn, sip, conquer! Kontrol Coffee, the brand committed to fuelling gamers with iced, natural-caffeine goodness, is excited to announce its UK launch. Forget cutscenes - Kontrol Coffee is rewriting the rules of in-game energy with the launch of its four, ready-to-drink high-octane iced coffees designed to help gamers eliminate fatigue and level up their senses. Full on action, all the time.

A Word from the Head Honcho

"Gamers don't just deserve another synthetic energy drink; they deserve an upgrade," said Elliot Cotter, Head of Gaming Coffee Development at Kontrol Coffee. "We’re here to disrupt the gaming energy market with caffeine in its most natural and delicious form. No artificial boosts, just pure coffee glory in a grab-and-go Kontrol can. One sip, zero lag; with flavours so good they feel like cheat codes.”

Achieve Epic Wins with Ubisoft

Why sip just any coffee when you can sip one that’s Ubisoft-approved? Kontrol Coffee has partnered with Ubisoft following the release of their new title, Assassin’s Creed ® Mirage, on October 5. This powerful alliance will create the ultimate collectible as each Mirage Vanilla Latte coffee can will feature original artwork from the game. This trail-blazing coffee is the ultimate weapon in a gamer’s hands giving them unrivalled next-level immersion into the action with every sip.

“We are not just fuelling gamers, we are shaping legends of the future. More powerful alliances with gaming giants will be dropping soon so watch this space!” Elliot Cotter.

No AFK, Just A-OK

Kontrol Coffee's iced cans are the largest available in the RTD coffee game. Available in four incredible flavours - Original Latte, Mocha, Caramel and Mirage Vanilla Latte. These energy shrines are optimised for the grind, providing gamers with a natural energy supply that lasts.


The Deets:

Where to Buy

Exclusively available at now, but set to feature on major retail shelves across the UK soon.

Price Point

Only £1.79 per can. It’s value that’s hard to beat, like a well-defended base. Gamers no longer need to splurge on overpriced energy drinks when they can unlock natural caffeine goodness that won’t deplete their reserves.

Pack It Up

Kontrol loot comes in packs of 12, perfect for stocking up an inventory. Ideal for that quick boost during an epic raid or boss battle.

Special Perks

Gamers get to enjoy exclusive content via Kontrol. Stay tuned—Kontrol is actively looking to form alliances with other major players in the gaming industry.

“So, are you ready to unlock 'God Mode' for your tastebuds and gameplay? Don't just be a player; be a game-changer. Equip yourself with Kontrol Coffee and make every sip a win.” Elliot Cotter.

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About Kontrol Coffee

Kontrol Coffee is a trailblazing coffee brand tailored for the gaming community. Offering a range of specialty iced coffees in ready-to-drink cans, Kontrol Coffee is the natural fuel choice for modern gamers and creators. With collaborations with world-leading gaming brands, Kontrol Coffee is more than just a brew; it’s a lifestyle. For more information, visit

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Since it first launched in 2007, the Assassin’s Creed® series has sold more than 200 million games worldwide. The franchise is now established as one of the best-selling series in video game history. Recognized for having some of the richest, most engrossing storytelling in the industry, Assassin’s Creed transcends video games, branching out into numerous other entertainment media.