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Level up Your Refreshment: A Gamer’s Guide to Ready-to-Drink Iced Coffee

Posted by Dan Langrish on
Level up Your Refreshment: A Gamer’s Guide to Ready-to-Drink Iced Coffee

Welcome to the cool side of coffee: AFK NO more! 

Gone are the days of a lukewarm coffee slowing down your reaction times. For gamers everywhere, iced coffee is becoming the ultimate power-up, offering a refreshing escape from the heat of battle and becoming the ultimate weapon in a gamer’s arsenal. 

In this blog we will look at the origins of iced coffee and how the gaming world came to truly embrace the refreshing world of chilled, ready-to-drink iced coffee. After all, grinding beans can feel like a side quest when you are ready to dominate the leaderboard! 

When was iced coffee invented? 

Despite historians tracing back the origins of iced coffee to Algeria in the mid 19th Century, it wasn’t until the larger coffee chains began putting iced coffee on their menus in the 1990s that this icy treat exploded in popularity. 

Iced coffee to go…

As gamers demanded greater convenience and looked to skip the lag at the coffee machine, it came as no surprise that ready-to-drink (RTD) iced coffee quickly became their go-to option.

Gamers can now get back to the action faster, there’s no longer a need to wait for the coffee to brew, just grab a can straight from the fridge - it’s the ideal gaming companion. It’s also perfect for mobile gamers who need to grab and go!

This is backed by research that found iced coffee fans are twice as likely to enjoy breakfast on the go or at work. Hot coffee fans are more likely to sit down to breakfast! (CivicScience)

But this is no passing ‘iced coffee’ fad, the same research showed that 60% of people in their mid twenties prefer iced coffee to hot coffee, at least in the US, but the UK is never far behind when it comes to trends! So, it looks as though iced coffee is here to stay. 

Iced coffee vs iced latte vs cold brew

With more iced coffee options available than ever before it’s easy to see why people get confused choosing what refreshing icy caffeine kick they need. 

Here we will guide you through the iced coffee maze and help you understand the difference between iced coffee, iced latte and cold brew. Once you have decoded the icy options then will help you explore the incredible flavours that you can now enjoy in your icy drink.

Iced Coffee vs. Cold Brew:

Iced coffee and cold brew are both cool variations of our beloved coffee, but they have distinct differences.

What is iced coffee?

Iced coffee is simply coffee served cold. Iced coffee isn’t just coffee that has gone cold, it's bold, straightforward, and perfect for those who appreciate the pure essence of coffee without too much fuss. 

How is iced coffee made?

Iced coffee is made by brewing coffee and cooling it down by pouring it over ice. The espresso base for the coffee can be created using a coffee machine, coffee pods, or a coffee concentrate. 

Now, let's venture into the world of cold brew. 

What is cold brew coffee?

Iced coffee and cold brew are not the same thanks to the unique brewing process used to make cold brew coffee. 

Making cold brew coffee involves steeping coffee grounds (some people use coffee brew bags - like tea bags but filled with ground coffee) in cold water for 3-6 hours, or just leave overnight. This method results in a concentrated, smooth coffee.

What is an Iced Latte Coffee?

So what is the difference between an iced coffee and an iced latte? An iced latte introduces a creamy element to the mix. It’s more than an iced coffee with milk. The ratio is normally about 1 : 3, of espresso to milk. 

An iced latte is made by combining espresso, cold milk, and ice. The result is a smoother and creamier coffee experience. This is the team’s go to when they are searching for a refreshing, yet deliciously cool, pick me up!

Just like the iced coffee, the espresso base for the coffee can be created using a coffee machine, coffee pods, or a coffee concentrate. 

People often ask why iced lattes are so expensive when they are bought in a coffee shop. It’s simply because a latte recipe uses more milk. Milk (or dairy alternative like oatmilk) are more expensive than water.

What is ready-to-drink coffee? 

Ready-to-drink coffee comes in various formats like cans or bottles and is ready to enjoy immediately once opened. The drinks are kept chilled in a fridge in a shop or at home and are ready to grab and go. 

We know gamers want to avoid lag, so it’s no surprise that we have seen demand for ready-to-drink iced coffee options like ready-to-drink coffee cans growing rapidly in popularity over the past few years. They are also becoming the preferred  natural alternative to energy drinks that often contain synthetic caffeine and sweetener.  

This growth in demand for iced coffee in a can has been matched by people calling for sweeter coffee options and more flavour choices. A can of iced coffee is a cool pick me up, but an iced vanilla latte in a can elevates the enjoyment to a whole new level. 

How much caffeine is in iced coffee?

Kontrol Coffee has done the hard work for you and created the perfect iced latte that contains 2 shots of espresso. The ideal icy pick me up. 

Kontrol Coffee has four incredible flavours to choose from. 

Iced latte in a can 

There are a growing number of ready to drink coffee brands out there. Kontrol Coffee is the UK’s only iced coffee brand aimed at gamers. It’s also the biggest iced latte in a can available to buy in the UK. 

Iced coffee bulk buy:

Bulk buying is growing in popularity in the UK because it is a great way to save money and the option to bulk buy is becoming more readily available. Ready-to-drink coffee in a can stores brilliantly. Kontrol Coffee cans last for up to 18 months in a cupboard, which means you can stock up and slowly add them to your fridge so you always have an iced latte ready to enjoy when you are thirsty and need an icy boost. 

Now that you're armed with iced coffee knowledge it’s time to unleash your in-game advantage.